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The Proposal

Picture courtesy of the talented duo JL Photografia

As told by the Groom

That fated day had arrived. Engagement ring– check. Mexican sunset– check. One shaky knee– check. After a sun-soaked day poolside and all of our worldly cares long forgotten, we had returned to our temporary abode at the Grand Bay Resort in Isla Navidad, Mexico. It was Day 2 of our weeklong exile from the real world and we had fully adapted to the carefree, blissful, margarita-infused hiatus. Alice headed for the shower when we returned to our room– this was my moment. I quickly gathered the necessary props and peaked outside to make sure the sunset was just right. Suddenly a sense of nervous anticipation came over me and in that moment I realized the full magnitude of what I was about to do…

I had never felt so sure about something in my entire life.

Before my nerves got the best of me, I called Alice onto the balcony of our 7th floor suite. The yachts in the Marina lapped gently against the waves and the sun shimmered on the water like a flame. We stood there in silence admiring the view, holding hands. I slowly reached into my pocket and gulped a little to keep my heart out of my throat. Then I started talking.

“Alice, remember when we celebrated our first Valentine’s day together? I gave you a box of candy hearts and you told me that you didn’t like candy. I told you to at least draw one out of the box and tell me what it said. So you dug into the box and scooped out a candy heart. I asked you what it said and you said – ‘It says Awesome!’

You put the heart aside and later I was surprised, and amused, to find out what it really said.

I then opened my hand which held the very orange candy heart Alice picked 3 years ago and presented it to her. It said, Marry Me.

“I kept the heart you drew from the box all these years because I knew someday I was going to ask you this very question. (Handing her the candy heart) Alice Wu, will you marry me?”

A joyful “Yes!” followed a warm embrace. I was so nervous that I almost forgot to slip the ring on her finger! We both cried tears of joy standing there on the balcony with the wide ocean spanning in front of us. We talked about the future and what it held for us, we had an honest conversation about our expectations for the future and our goals.

I had also prepared a video slide show set to “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars on DVD and invited Alice back inside to watch. The slide show started at the very beginning of our relationship and touched on some of our most memorable moments over the years. I had also interwoven the traditional wedding vows into the slide show to help narrate the story I wanted to tell. We laughed and cried, reminiscing about all of the good times and experiences we’ve shared. Most of all, we were excited to look out into the ocean of possibilities that our future held. Well, not until after the week in paradise we had ahead of us…

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